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Ms Tecla Maiyo Tumaini A Kombujoi Women Group

My kids can even prepare breakfast on their own.

Even when I get home as late as 9pm, I can quickly prepare a meal for the family.

Beatrice Tumaini A Kombujoi Women Group

Pamoja delivered their promise. They are a Unique organization. “Pamoja wamekua waaminifu”…Pamoja are trustworthy.

They delivered the products however late it was. Even Mwalimu had to spend the night in the village.

Abigael Tumaini A Kombujoi Women Group

However early I leave, am able to prepare tea for the family.

When I get back in the evening, am able to cook supper.

Hawajui kama nimeingia sababu hawaoni moshi”…. Neighbors' do not even notice that I am in as there is no smoke.